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I welcome you to my train of thoughts on a website.

Probably had the best weekend for a really long time(:

I can’t wait until we live together.


Everything would smell like you. I get to walk around in my underwear and not worry about it. I get to tackle you whenever I want. I get to hug you or kiss you whenever I want. I get to have tickle fights with you. Movie nights every night. Pillow forts. Burrito-blanket cuddling. Midnight food runs. Watching the sunrise at our favorite spot. Everything would be perfect.

“Your smile has somehow become my favorite thing in the entire world. Your whole face lights up and I can’t help but want a lifetime of seeing that smile.”

– Midnight thoughts (you always make me so happy)

"Wait, you don’t go home?"


"So like, do you not have a home?"

I really want to punch you in the face right now.